3 Moves for a Tighter Butt


Wow, that was a short article! But seriously, if you ask any trainer what you need to do for a killer bootay, they’ll say squat.

The only problem is, if you don’t do it right, or if the length of your thighs make you a ‘quad squatter’ (most of the work is done by the front of your thighs), then just squatting isn’t going to hit that badonkadonk quite as well as we’d like.

So here’s 3 moves you should be doing to get some junk in your trunk:

1) Band Low-Traversing Squat

For this you’re going to need a resistance band or tube. You can get specific rubber tubes made just for this purpose, but honestly any resistance band or tube will do the job just fine.

First up, clip the band around your thighs. If it’s a tube with clips you can clip them together, or if it’s a standard resistance band, you can use a bread clip to clip it together. You want this about an inch or two above your knees.

Then you’re going to squat down into the bottom position, bring one leg in a few inches towards the other, then step out with the other one.

Go back to standing, then do it again going the other direction.

If you’re feeling bad-arse, feel free to take 2, 3, 4, or more steps to one side before standing back up.

And if that didn’t make much sense, watch this video:

By doing this, as well as engaging the main big muscle in your glutes, Gluteus Maximus, we also make the medial glute work a lot harder.

2) Elevated Glute Bridge

For this you’ll need a step, if you’re in the gym, or if you’re at home, the bottom stair will do the job.

For extra ‘glute-medey’ goodness as well, we can also get our band back involved.

So attach your band if you have it and lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet up on the step.

Lift your toes off the floor and ground your heels by pushing them down as though you’re trying to push them through the floor.

Now flatten your lower back out by pulling your belly button in and pushing it into the floor, then tuck your tail-bone under to further flatten your back out.

Push your knees out just enough to get tension on the band, then as you push your heels into the floor, lift your bum up off the floor towards the ceiling, keeping your tail-bone tucked under.

Pause for a second or two in the top position and squeeze your bum, then slowly lower back to the floor.

If you can keep your tailbone tucked under and your core in, then only go down enough to lightly graze the floor and push up again.

If you need to reset (or you so much as suspect you need to reset), go right to the floor, pull your core in, and tuck under again before the next rep.

Here’s the move in action:

3) Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a great move to make sure, however you squat, the focus is put onto your glutes. By getting into the split-squat position, you can adjust the front foot to keep your weight backwards by keeping your knee from travelling forwards.

Start by taking a big step forwards until your knee is directly above your shin. This is where you want it to stay, so your knee either stays above your shin or travels slightly backwards as you squat down, but doesn’t travel forwards towards your toes. Then stick your back foot up on the step.

Now really ground that heel on the front foot. Your toes should be barely touching the floor. You should be able to wiggle them at any point in the movement.

Then slowly bend the back leg, lowering your bum, but without letting your knee travel forwards.

Lather, rinse, repeat and you’ll never need to fret if you lose the nut crackers again.

And lastly here’s a peach that totally looks like a butt…

That is all.


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